The first song off Starset’s debut album, Transmissions, is a slightly garbled message that hints at the lore which surrounds the band’s music – that of the ‘Starset Society’. In an interview with New Noise Magazine, lead singer Dustin Bates suggested the song would fit with the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey.


“In the early hours of New Years Day 2013, a radio astronomer at the Allen Telescope Array in northern California discovered a mysterious signal emanating from a star within the Ophiuchus Constellation.

Contained within the signal was a Message–of human origin–foretelling the details of man’s imminent demise. The Message was brought to The Starset Society, who quickly realized the importance of its immediate publication.

Risking extreme danger, The Starset Society commissioned a group of musicians and scientists to assist them in spreading the knowledge to a broader audience. This group became known simply as STARSET.

Given many of the lyrics in First Light, it appears fitting that this song is the first ‘transmission’ that the Starset Society should make to the greater world in order to spread this message.[1]


Cascading waves of change
The future we think to be inconsequential, can effect the future indefinitely
Once you had the power to effect monumental change, would you let fear consume?
Or would you overcome?
We sent a message into the past, a warning
We have that message
Though this story is not inevitable, and a society does evolve
We can change our fate
We can change the future
We can change the past



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