AntigravityBack to the EarthBringing It Down
Dark On MeDie For YouDown With the Fallen
Dustin BatesEverglowFrequency
HaloIt Has BegunLara Godfrey
Last to FallLet It DieMonster
Point of No ReturnRicochetRise and Fall
SatelliteStarset WikiaTelepathic
TelescopeThe Future Is NowThe Order
File:Back to the Earth cover image with lyrics.jpgFile:Communitylogo.pngFile:Die For You cover with lyrics.jpg
File:Everglow cover image with lyrics.jpgFile:Example.jpgFile:Favicon.ico
File:Frequency cover image with lyrics.jpgFile:Last to Fall cover image with lyrics.jpgFile:Monster.jpg
File:Monster cover image with lyrics.jpgFile:Ricochet cover image with lyrics.jpgFile:STARSET - Telepathic (Official Music Video)
File:Starset - Antigravity (audio)File:Starset - Back to the Earth (Official Audio)File:Starset - Bringing It Down (Official Audio)
File:Starset - Carnivore (audio)File:Starset - Dark On Me (audio)File:Starset - Die For You (Official Audio)
File:Starset - Down With the Fallen (audio)File:Starset - Everglow (Official Audio)File:Starset - Frequency (Official Audio)
File:Starset - Halo (Official Music Video)File:Starset - Halo (audio)File:Starset - It Has Begun (audio)
File:Starset - Last To Fall (Official Audio)File:Starset - Let It Die (audio)File:Starset - MONSTER Official Audio
File:Starset - Monster (Official Music Video)File:Starset - My DemonsFile:Starset - My Demons (Official Music Video)
File:Starset - Point of No Return (audio)File:Starset - Ricochet (360 Lyric Video)File:Starset - Rise and Fall (audio)
File:Starset - Satellite (Official Audio)File:Starset - Telepathic (Official Audio)File:Starset - Telescope (audio)
File:Starset - The Future Is Now (audio)File:Starset - Unbecoming (Official Audio)File:Telepathic cover image with lyrics.jpg

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